Blogging: perfect -> enemy of good

I expect most people reading this will understand why I am hesitant to blog under my real name. I've been actively engaged in various online communities for years under pseudonyms. In particular, I've tried to edit wikis and work in forums as part of a community.

When you publish on something, you're holding yourself out as an expert, but there's inevitably something you're missing, which creates more confusion than clarity for the reader. Further, blogs are typically static, and in the technology world, they go out of date quickly. In theory, it is better to improve wikis, documentation, and source code. But the barrier is higher there, as is the risk of misleading or breaking something. ☠

I've been using Ghost as a slightly-more polished version of my Evernote scratchpad (which has 461 notes). At this point I've got 40 unpublished posts, some of which are near completion. I'm going to go ahead and say that perfect is the enemy of the good and start publishing more of them.